Runaway Lugaai web series full Review

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Runaway Lugaai web series full Review

Release Date:                           18 May 2021

Language:                                  Hindi

Genre:                                        Comedy, Drama

Director:                                      Avinash Das

Writer:                                         Abir Sengupta

Cinematography:                        Dhirendra Shukla

Producer:                                    Aarrav Jindal

Music Director:                            Pravesh Mallick

Production:                                  Euphoria Productions

Episodes:                                    10

Certificate:                                   18+

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Cast

The special cast of this web series Naveen Kasturia, Ruhi Singh, Sanjay Mishra, Ravi Kishan, Arya Babbar

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About Runaway Lugaai Web Series

Let us tell you that Rajnikant Sinha (Naveen Kasturia), who is fondly called Rajni, is the son of MLA Narendra Sinha (Sanjay Mishra) in this web series. Rajni is a naïve and submissive person as all her life she has had to obey her meat presser father, due to which her professional career also sinks.

This however changes after Rajni meets Bulbul (Ruhi Singh), a cheerful-vivacious woman for whom Rajni has fallen at first sight. The story of opposites attracting becomes real as they each get married. But Rajni’s happiness doesn’t last long, as one day he comes back to find that his wife has disappeared. When Bulbul is nowhere to be found, Rajni becomes desperate to find her. This web series is told with this story, you can watch this video below.

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Trailer

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