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Free Guy Movie Review:- Hello friends, today again welcome to our new post, today we are going to tell you that it is wrong to download the Free Guy movie as soon as the trailer of the Hollywood movie Free Guy is launched, rather watch this movie without downloading it. The story of the film Free Guy seems strange to watch because it is very difficult to understand the story through the trailer. Nevertheless, I am going to tell you as much as possible about Free Cow. The story is very different from other films of Free Guy. Before going ahead, you should know that Free Guy is a Bollywood film.

As I told you in this article that the story of this free guy is looking very good which is only on top of the weird poor story. Now it is not even that the story of Free Guy has been lifted from somewhere or copied from somewhere. The company has created the story of Free Guy only by selecting the topic of games somewhere. Let us also tell you that today’s youth mostly play games and stay attached to them only and this reason can also be linked to writing the story. Then let’s know in which OTT you can watch Free Guy movie download or online.

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Free Guy movie download in Hindi

If we talk about the Hindi dubbed version of this Free Guy, then it is possible. Expensive Hollywood movies are necessarily released dubbed in Hindi so that Hollywood movies can be shown easily in Hindi language knowing countries only. By the way, you can easily download and watch Free Guy movies. But before watching it offline you should check which day Free Guy is going to release in Hindi dubbed. Apart from the Hindi language, this Free Guy movie will be released in any other language. As we hear, this film can be released in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, etc.

Free Guy movie story 

It is also very difficult to understand the story of this film because to understand its story one has to watch the entire film. But still, I am going to try to explain to you through the trailer. It has been shown that a person named Guy lives every day like ordinary people. But one day he gets to play the role of the main character of the game. Now he comes into a world in which he has to complete the game by playing the role of the main hero and performing the action.

However, it also gets a pair of glasses, which it gets only after wearing them. The name of the person playing the main character is Guy. Now to know the full story and understand it properly, you have to watch Free Guy Movie. Now the movie Free Guy has been stopped from showing in any theater, you can easily download this movie from Hotstar or watch it online.

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Free Guy movie details

All the information on the Free Guy movie is as follows below:

Theatre Release date:11 December 2020
OTT Release date:Available
OTT Platform:Disney Plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime
Name of Writer:Matt Lieberman
Name of Director:Shawn Levy
Main Star:Ryan Reynolds
Trailer Released on:20th Century Studios India
Language: English, Hindi Dubbed
Budget: Rs. 100 Crore (estimated)
Collection:Rs. 331 Crore (estimated)

Free Guy movie Casts

Here are the names of all the characters who played a role in the movie Free Guy:

  1. Ryan Reynolds
  2. Jodie Comer
  3. Matty Cardarople
  4. Lil Rel Howery
  5. Tina Fey
  6. Dwayne Johnson
  7. Kayla Caulfield
  8. Taika Waititi
  9. Anastasia Tsikhanava
  10. John Krasinski
  11. Joe Keery
  12. DanTDM
  13. Lara Spencer
  14. Takehito Koyasu
  15. Aaron W Reed
  16. Kayla Rae Vesce
  17. Chris Evans
  18. Dane DiLiegro
  19. Pokimane
  20. Alex Trebek
  21. Laura Spencer
  22. Dean Zimmerman
  23. Tait Fletcher
  24. Hiroyuki Yoshino
  25. LazarBeam
  26. Octavia Chavez-Richmond
  27. Lizzie Havoc
  28. Emma Jones
  29. Mark Lainer
  30. Yasuyuki Kase
  31. Channing Tatum
  32. Sophie Levy
  33. Saori Hayami
  34. Victoria Diamond
  35. Hugh Jackman
  36. Charlotte Levy
  37. Kensho Ono
  38. Jamaal Burcher
  39. Eugene Nomura
  40. Utkarsh Ambudkar
  41. Rosario Corso
  42. Britne Oldford
  43. Regina Taufen
  44. Anabel Graetz
  45. Owen Burke
  46. Jacksepticeye

Free Guy movie download 480p

Let us tell you that Disney Plus Hotstar has quality subscription packs ranging from 480p to 4k. It is of low-cost 80p quality and allows you to download Free Guy movies for a month and easily watch many other movies with the names of the characters who work or play in this Free Guy. The list is very long, which you can see above if you want.

Free Guy movie download 720p

Let us tell you that instead of downloading the Free Guy movie at 720p, it is better to download the Free Guy movie and watch it at 480p. Because the price of the 480p subscription pack is so much that it comes comfortably within your budget. The trailer of Free Guy has been officially released on the YouTube channel named 20th Century Studios. But the trailer of the Free Guy movie in the Hindi language was released on a YouTube channel named 20th Century Studios India. Free Guy Movie has been made available for download on this youtube channel

Free Guy movie download 1080p

Even though Free Guy movies can be downloaded online and its way is only formed. Talking about the present time, this movie has come in only one company like Disney plus Hotstar. It is possible that this movie will come in the OTT platform of some other companies in the future. The budget of the film Free Guy is said to be beyond 100 crores, from Rs 100 crores to Rs 150 crores, and the expenditure is being told on making this free cow. The expected gross profit comes out to around Rs 331 crore.


Let us tell you that it is illegal to download or watch Free Guy movies for free and very strict laws have also been made for this. Neither this website promotes any pirated website or content, nor do we ask anyone to download movies from pirated websites, nor have we given any download link on this website. On this website, we have only given information about the movie. that you can read well

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